Intergrated Marketing

Innovative thinking for a connected media landscape

Our cross-disciplined team brings together creatives and digital platform specialists. This diversity helps them explore new perspectives on every challenge. And use original thinking to deliver against the brief – whatever the channel.

Cut through, stand out and get the results you want.

Using traditional and digital media, we’ll find new and exciting ways for you to achieve your business objectives. To do this, we start by understanding your audiences and unravelling a critical customer insight, which then forms the basis for all our thinking.

From here, we turn this powerful logic into a highly creative campaign. And by integrating paid media with your owned and earned communications, it will not only drive demand, but also engagement, brand awareness and business performance.

Transforming powerful insights into results.

Using a blend of strategic thinking, free thinking, commercial experience and good judgment, we create effective marketing strategies that deliver results.

Our planners, analysts and researchers approach is to gain as much insight and understanding as possible at the early stages, taking in data from wherever necessary. We call it ‘brand immersion’.

This then forms the basis of our strategic thinking, idea generation and campaign plans. It’s what’s helped us become one of the UK’s most effective marketing consultancies.

Driving the response you want.

To maximise your ROI, we do everything from traditional direct response (press, outdoor, post) to digital (SEO, PPC, digital display, CPA advertising, social media, email marketing) and more.

We can put paid, owned and earned media channels to work together for a truly integrated response-driven campaign, or create isolated campaigns.

Whatever we’re delivering though, we always base our thinking on data-driven, robustly-tested planning and creativity. It’s the understanding of audiences and segments that makes our work so powerful.

A successful marketing campaign begins and ends with a tactful strategy.

 We believe the same is true for social media. Our team is dedicated to creating and executing unique strategies for your brand. We know that social media gives brands the power to reach their ideal audiences through granular targeting, relevant content, and meaningful conversation. However, reaching social media’s full potential can be tricky. With so many ever-changing platforms, performing the day-to-day online operations can become a grueling task. Sociallyin is committed to remaining a step ahead of online trends and keeping your brand at the forefront of the social media world.

Helping you gain a creative advantage.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with communications, we can help your brand stand out from the crowd, shout loudly from the shelf or cut through the media clutter with ease.

Great ideas, creativity and design are an important part of this. But only if they work beautifully too.

Whether you need a fully integrated campaign including TV or a one-off brochure, we’ll give you the creative to effectively deliver the results you’re looking for.

Turning knowledge into results.

Understanding your customer is a critical part of our thinking and strategy. Not just what they do, but why they do it, where to reach them, how and when.

By employing some of the most innovative qual and quant research techniques, we’re able to create detailed audience profiles.

This understanding is crucial in informing what we do, which is why we also test absolutely everything, to robustly validate our approaches.

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We are an award-winning Integrated Creative, Brand, Digital, Content Marketing and Advertising Agency, based in London.

We offer the full range of integrated services, including brand strategy, integrated campaigns, digital, social media, content marketing, press and TV advertising, branding, web design, identity design, direct marketing, mobile, Apps, SEO, media buying and much more.

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